It’s a Collaborative work by Ntsika “Fana Mayiza” Ngxanga (Music Composer/producer), Teresa Phuti Mojela (Choreographer \producer) & Billy Edward Langa (Writer). The piece consists of 7 performers and through a fusion of dance, text and live music with percussionist, we all aim to further interrogate the connection that we believe we have with our respective family members/forefathers that came before us. The story will highlight the link that proves that we mirror our forefathers’ gifts, passions, personal traits, spirituality, our connection with the art and creativity in its entirety. The usage of live music, text and dance will ignite more hidden questions found within the play itself, questions that will spark a moment of introspection and a more pronounced acceptance of the lineage that informs who we are and defines all of us as people. Given that we will be telling a story of who we are through the eyes of those that came before us, the ultimate question we will be communicating through the piece is: “Are you content with the blueprint you are writing for those not yet born in your clan?”



23 February 2018


Ramolao Makhene Theatre


7 for 7:30pm