The Market Theatre Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of Cheraé Halley as the new Head of The Market Theatre Laboratory

Cheraé brings expert knowledge in the field of Applied Drama and Theatre. Her appointment marks a new chapter for The Market Theatre Laboratory and reinforces the Foundations commitment to fostering creative talent.

Cheraé Halley is an actor, lecturer, theatre maker, and applied theatre facilitator. She holds both honors and master’s degrees in Dramatic Arts from the University of the Witwatersrand. Cheraé has made an impact as an independent contractor, using theatre as a powerful tool to address socio-political issues in communities across South Africa. Her work in areas such as HIV/AIDS, disability, sexual harassment, gender equity, LGBTI rights, human rights, and oppression has garnered admiration and recognition.

For the past nine years, Cheraé has served as a lecturer and coordinator of post-graduate courses at the University of the Witwatersrand, where she has shared her expertise in Drama in Education, Theatre as Activism, Theatre of the Oppressed, and Playback Theatre. She has served as a guest lecturer and examiner in various other drama and theatre departments at institutions such as Rhodes University, Tshwane University of Technology, University of Pretoria, City Varsity and The Market Theatre Laboratory.

Cheraé has co-directed Drama for Life Playback Theatre, Africa’s only accredited school of Playback Theatre. Through storytelling, she has used this medium to foster empathy and restore communities. Her practice has taken her across the globe, including collaborations with American consultancy Dailey Innovations Inc., where she uses Playback Theatre to explore Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in corporate spaces. Passionate about global networking, Cheraé is a board member on the International Playback Theatre Network (IPTN), as the only board member from Africa. Cheraé also chairs the steering committee for the IPTN Conference that will take place in South Africa in December 2023. This prestigious role further highlights her standing in the international theatre community and her dedication to advancing the field.

Cheraé’s vision for The Market Theatre Laboratory is to build upon its existing legacy and collaborate with the talented team to create a vibrant space for artistic growth and expression. With her extensive experience in teaching and learning, Cheraé aims to elevate the educational programs and further strengthen The Lab’s impact on our society.

Speaking about her appointment, Cheraé Halley shared her enthusiasm, stating, “Joining the Market Theatre Foundation is something I feel honored to be doing. I am elated to be heading up The Lab’s educational programme along with all its fantastic projects. I bring with me years of experience in teaching and learning, so as an education enthusiast, I hope to elevate the existing legacy of The Lab and lead the space together with what is already a strong team.”

The Market’s Artistic Director, Greg Homann, adds, “The Market Theatre Foundation is confident that Cheraé Halley’s appointment as Head of The Market Theatre Laboratory will propel the foundation to new heights of excellence, community engagement, and social impact. We look forward to the exciting journey ahead and the transformative work that will emerge under her headship of The Lab”.