The Market Theatre laboratory students have created yet another production this year, titled Blink. Produced by the Market Theatre Laboratory, the second years of the program have devised a fun and entertaining parody, poking fun at all the craziness surrounding South Africans during the nation’s Lockdown. Blink presents a ridiculous news broadcast fit for social media.

From the onset, we are introduced to the Blink world as a fly on the wall, peering into the behind the scenes preparations of the social media news team characters and their efforts to get the final “on screen” moment. An emphasis must be placed on “effort”, as this team barely gets away with the production of the broadcast. Throughout the piece there is ducking and diving over and under cameras, the camera man missing cues revealing seconds of some of the character’s funny off-screen moments. In one moment, after the news anchor introduces the “politically woke” analyst’s analysis on the president’s address, we catch a few seconds of him switching from on-screen TV smiles to off-screen frustration. The reasons behind his frustrations are then revealed in a split-screen, where we see the studio team, behind the scenes, initiating a scheduled sanitizing and fumigation break alongside the analyst’s analysis (which resembles a Twitter rant more than an objective inquiry).

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