This full-time, one-year course offers intensive training in a laboratory environment for emerging actors, theatre-makers, directors and writers to develop to a professional standard. Facilitated by professional theatre practitioners, the programme focuses on practical experience, and learning through experimentation, exchange, research and making. The programme runs from February – November each year. Note that full-time attendance for the whole programme is compulsory. Should a candidate successfully complete the one-year course, they may be invited to participate in a further 9 month advanced programme.

Applications open on the 1st of August 2023 for study in 2024.

CLOSING DATE for submission of applications: 7th October 2023.

*No late applications will be considered.

Please note that if lockdown regulations due to the Covid19 pandemic are still in place, parts of the course may be held online. In this eventuality, students will need to provide their own data, or submit a special application for data support.

Application Process:

  • Please submit the following documents:
  • A complete application form
  • 1 full length photograph Certified copy of Matric Certificate / Most recent report if applicant is currently in matric
  • 1 Certified copy of ID.
  • A one page example of creative writing (no less than 250 words)
  • A motivational letter: tell us why you want to study at the Lab, and why you should be selected for the programme. Please mention if you have particular skills and interests other than acting that you think add value, such as producing, writing, singing, etc.
  • An audition video, a maximum of one minute long. In the video, please start by saying your full name (so we can connect it to the right application form), the title of the monologue, the character/s you will be playing, and the author of the monologue (including if you wrote it yourself). Then perform a monologue – it can be an extract from a play, or something you have written or created yourself, as long as you are playing a character who is experiencing or telling us about a particular situation. You can film it yourself, or ask someone to film it for you. The monologue can be in any style, from realism to physical theatre, just keep in mind that you should place the camera in a way that allows us to see the performance best. This video should be Whatsapped to +27 76 283 4459 with your full name as a caption
  • For enquiries, please call (+27) 11 838 7498 or email
  • Selection Process:Short-listed candidates will be contacted telephonically by 14 October 2023 to confirm an audition/interview date. An audition brief will be provided.
  • Please submit the following documents: Please tick the box with to make sure all the necessary documents are uploaded along with your completed online application:

Applications are now closed